WeQuiz. The Quiz Event.

Quiz shows have always been a perennial format on TV. As easy as the concept of a quiz may be – they have always been successful! And this is for a reason: Quizzing are fun. Quizzing is exciting. Quizzing is moving. A quiz show is ideal for events and trade shows as it is on TV.
We provide premium class custom made quiz events for you. Quiz events to emotionalize your products. Quiz events to entertain, challenge and weld together your team in an exceptional way. In summary we proudly present: WeQuiz!

WeQuiz can be used just about anywhere: As a “Winner Dinner” in the form of a very special quiz dinner. As part of a conference or a refresher after a break. As the “Trade Show Know-it-All” at your trade show stand. Or as the flying “Mobile Quiz Commando”, a truly close-up quiz event.

WeQuiz can be staged in one go or in several blocks. WeQuiz is ideally suitable for 100-200 people. It requires between one to two hours. We can also create solutions for other requirements and wishes: wanna bet?

WeQuiz is a top quality quiz event tailored to your needs, with client-related, intelligent and humorous questions adding the spice. Company and product-specific question categories are combined with general topics such as sports, technology and showbiz.

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