SINNfonie. Tour of the senses.

SINNfonie is a tour through the fascinating world of human senses. In an impressively playful, interactive and entertaining way our senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste) will be revived.
The SINNfonie of the senses can be experienced in different ways at either fixed or mobile trial stations, the latter one in the form of so called SINNfoniker: walking acts equipped with vendor’s trays.  Your senses will be allured, sharpened and infatuated with subtlety, serendipity and a certain sensuality.
Everything will make sense!

Listening-Pairs – everything is melodious.
Touch-Gallery – you ought not to become light-headed but rather listen to what your hands want to tell you.
Seeing–cabinet – you better be sharp-sighted otherwise you risk to become out of your mind. And that is no nonsense.
Tree of flavours - The right way leads through the nose, into stretched gardens of aromas and scents.
Tasting-bars will create a whole new realm of senses on the surface of your tongue: Will you aquire the taste for it?

SINNfonie is suitable for all kinds of events. Things that have long been existing but are not adequately paid attention to anymore, will be experienced and explored in a completely new way.
Make the most out of other peoples’ senses, out of your hidden talents and boost your team’s spirit or improve your business plan. That makes even more sense!

Into the world of senses with SINNfonie.

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