Hopfen und Malz. The beer casino

The Beer Casino combines rustic drinking pleasure with elegance and the thrill of gambling.
Enjoy the true diversity of this stimulating beverage in the glittering world of the casino. Experience the thrill of gambling without losing a single cent.
The true masters emerge from the elegant casino tables as experts, while the beer sommeliers entertain them with their knowledge of beer.

„Hopfen & Malz“. The beer casino will capture you in a playful way and lead you into the manifold world of beer. Two casino tables presented by genuine beer sommeliers, guarantee pure excitement.

Equipped with a stack of beer casino – chips you will take off for a discovery tour!
You will find yourself in the hot seat, face to face with questions about alcohol concentration, the origin of a certain beer or different brewing traditions. Let’s have fun!
The sommeliers will surely help out with professional advice on your way to success!

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