WOW! Wuppertal! New paths. New centre. Old treasures.

This is the new claim for a major marketing campaign of the venue Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal and its cooperation partners, developed by welcome GmbH for a good partner of many years standing, and with a matching logo and key visual.

The aim is to show event planners the hot, new and exciting aspects of Wuppertal!  The climax of the campaign “Mind up – in diesem Set up trifft man sich” was a showdown of MICE Industrie in Wuppertal on 21 March 2018 – with a suspension-railway ride in the “Kaiserwagen”, location-hopping and an evening event in the Stadthalle attended by all partners and guests. Here, they were treated to a mini-concert by Wuppertal musician Florian Franke, a backstage kitchen party hosted by Culinaria Catering and an enjoyable round of play at the wine and beer casino of welcome GmbH.

Photos: © Tim Ahlrichs by Malte Reiter Fotografie

Here you find the special edition of the events magazine (eBook)