Visions from spray cans

The welcome graffiti team spray event

Corona is either over or merely on hold – no one knows...

But it’s summer, which gave one well-known Cologne-based retailer the opportunity to stage a very special kick-off, which welcome GmbH had the privilege of organising. Among other aspects, this event emphasised exploring the company’s visions. Compliance with these had been identified as a key factor in the company’s past business success; so naturally, the company wants them to serve as the standard of performance for future action as well. What’s a better way to internalise an understanding than to transform written sentences into vibrant, colourful images? Accordingly, the 23 guests displayed enormous dedication and creativity in the process of bringing their visions to “street life” as graffiti works on canvas under expert artistic direction in an authentically urban ambiance in Cologne.

“Cologne Graffiti. The team spray event” provided the framework for the evening’s creative team-building exercise – complete with mouth-watering intermissions!