Vaillant GPMM 2021

From the Studio.On.Line to the world!

On 15 June, we had the privilege of broadcasting the international project manager event GPMM 2021 for leading HVAC manufacturer Vaillant from our studio for the first time.

The varied programme was broadcast from Gut Neu-Hemmerich around the world to six locations: not only the headquarters in Remscheid, Germany, but also to France, the Czech Republic, China and elsewhere.

Under the motto “Cooperation is key”, the event addressed numerous challenges that a globally active enterprise faces, such as how to strengthen communication and cooperation even during a pandemic.
In addition to internal presentations and talks by speakers from remote locations, the employees too played an active role, participating in digital podium discussions or via the audience interaction tool

The digital networking platform Hyhyve, which allowed participants to meet and share, was a very special highlight. This tool enabled participants to explore an open universe created especially for Vaillant and talk to colleagues from locations all around the world using their avatars. The platform additionally made it possible to create virtual bar camps, where ten topic areas could be discussed and worked on concurrently.

Keynote speaker Tim Kröger also dropped into the Hyhyve world for a talk and to take participants’ questions. The competitive sailor and teamwork specialist not only connected with his listeners through his expertise as a professional athlete, but also talked about what’s important when putting together a team and in communication within a group. A truly fantastic and inspiring talk!

Another great highlight was the popular regional entertainer Paul Hombach, who performed meeting music in our studio next door and absolutely wowed the participants. Never has there been such an entertaining and musical conference summary!

The event was consistently enriched and livened up by videos and trailers produced by our own Henning Quanz and the “grand finale” of a flying-pic show of employee portraits, ensuring that everyone’s attention was riveted to the programme the entire time.

Our thanks to the fabulous Vaillant team – we had a lot of fun working with you, and every minute of the joint work underscored the motto “cooperation is key”.

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