New Digital Event Studio in Frechen

Good news for businesses and institutions in the region that depend on events to communicate their message to (prospective) customers, clients, employees and partners or the general public. They can now get much closer to their audiences than ever before: simply, professionally and online. 

As of right now, live events can be celebrated digitally at Gut Neu-Hemmerich in Frechen, near Cologne. Our state-of-the-art studio offers leading-edge, flexible, cost-effective opportunities for conducting product presentations, training seminars, video messages, workshops, news conferences, conferences and panel discussions.

Framed in a studio atmosphere, your content is delivered either in recorded form or as a live stream, with moderation if desired, and in direct dialogue with your audience.

STUDIO.ON.LINE. is fully equipped and ready to go. And thanks to the sophisticated use of green screens, emotionally powerful mood lighting and professional presentation, light and sound technology, the studio’s flexibility is virtually unlimited.

Our studio clients are supported by a team of experts who possess all the skills necessary to create sublime online experiences for viewers.

Digital events are set to become a permanent feature that will enhance or even replace a number of live events. STUDIO.ON.LINE. opens up windows to the future.