Political communication – digital, yet personal

How do you conduct an effective campaign in times of uncertainty and doubt? Be getting close to people and clearly addressing their needs and anxieties, while remaining one hundred percent authentic and personal, with the appropriate distance. We successfully conducted the campaign for the 2020 municipal election for a political party in the Düren local government district by developing a digitally focused, strategic communication campaign.

The party’s leading candidate directly addressed “Anna”, “Peter”, “Zeynep”, “Mohammed” – and 245 more names that occur with the greatest statistical frequency in the Düren local government district to motivate voters to go to the polls. It was also possible for the recipients to share their personal voter message via Facebook, email or WhatsApp. Nine animated cartoon shorts explained the political platform and the objectives for the coming legislative period in a compact and lively form. welcome was also entrusted with the emotional image video depicting the lead candidate and the development of an attractive frame to encompass all vlogs created by the campaign team.

To provide more in-depth information, the party prepared an elegant brochure that presented the candidates, the programme, the election options and general information on the party, which was distributed to all households in the district. The agency was responsible for the graphical realisation of the brochure as well as the election posters and postcards, the newspaper adverts and the foil banners for the hybrid campaign vehicle. We developed the claim and logo that served as the unifying element of the election campaign along with a custom image language concept that defined the basis for all photo shootings. A winner all down the line.