Sláinte - a typical Irish evening

Once again, in March 2019, some 100 guests from all around the world convened on Cologne to attend the annual marketing forum of an international corporation.

The grand finale that capped the insightful, informative forum sessions was a colourful evening event on the theme of Ireland and its culture.

The evening started with an entertaining sightseeing tour through Cologne’s Old City, where the Cologne-Ireland link for the evening was forged with music and beer. The party then proceeded to Cologne’s oldest vaulted cellar, where guests were carried away to the land of leprechauns and Guinness. The delicious buffet featuring such popular Irish staples as beef stew and fish & chips was followed be multiple high-energy performances. Among other acts, the Irish folk band Five Alive ‘O and the tap-dance trio “Shufflescuff” evoked an excitingly authentic atmosphere. Captivated by the combination of the earthy location with the colourful performances, the guests danced to Irish rhythms until the early hours, rendering all due honour to the famous Irish spirit of celebration.