Silent Rider. The anti-motorcycle noise initiative | welcome Eventagentur

The noise of performance-tuned and speeding motorcycles is becoming an ever greater nuisance for people living in attractive countryside.

At the end of 2018, eight municipalities of the Nationalpark Eifel region decided to do something about this: to “get loud” and bring this issue to the forefront, ideally with participation nation-wide. welcome GmbH developed the Silent Rider concept for them, with the aim of raising the awareness of riders of loud machines and asserting a catalogue of demands to lawmakers and manufacturers. Among other approaches, this information, image and action campaign leverages the power of the internet and social media. It will also create events, giveaways, posters, videos and radio spots to bring this campaign to the general public. The more supporters join Germany-wide, the more comprehensive the actions can be. Print, radio and television outlets have reported extensively on the plans to date. There is already a lot of interest in supporting the campaign, and the Silent Rider website will go live at the end of August.