Experiencing a company with all five senses

It’s not at all unusual when employees understand the organisational structure of their company in detail – in fact, it’s all in a day’s work! But what about their families? Generally, all they know is the stories they are told after the end of a long working day. So a recently renovated and thoroughly modernised company headquarters is a welcome opportunity to change this. Thus, the motto of this event was: “Opening spaces: discover, experience, enjoy.

”But how? In addition to other highlights, the 160 guests – employees and their families along with neighbours of the business – had the unique opportunity to embark on an expedition through the new company headquarters in the framework programme “SINNfonie: a parkour of the senses”, created by welcome.How do the colours of the company logo taste? What sounds produced by the use of the company’s products can listeners identify in the audio puzzle? Is it possible to recognize the different departments by their smell? What does a department feel like, and how readily can viewers identify the difference between the real headquarters and a “counterfeit”?

All the modules playfully activate the five senses, and were coordinated and fabricated especially for the client. Young and old alike had a lot of fun discovering and experiencing, making this a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon for everyone.