ScienceTube 2019: let the music play

Kick-off for the 2nd ScienceTube Rhein-Erft 2019 school competition with a “talking tubes” action (boomwhackers) with all participants, a variety of expert talks and fantastic introductory videos that speak for themselves. The kick-off event was held with close to 150 pupils in the auditorium of the secondary school Silverberg-Gymnasium Bedburg, the winner of last year’s challenge. This event also presented an opportunity for pupils to learn more about the 15 exhibiting companies that offer career training to those interested in technical and natural-science occupations.

Because the 2019 challenge focuses on the STEM careers themselves: these job sectors are playing an increasingly important role for the district in the course of Germany’s structural transformation. This school competition offers pupils the opportunity to intensively explore the individual career profiles. The teams’ task is to create a short video that presents a STEM career path typical of the Rhein Erft district so attractively and understandably that children in grades 5 through 7 can understand and possibly even want to pursue it.

The competition, launched by the district’s economic development organisation Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft (WfG), is supported by the job centre in Brühl. Welcome GmbH is once again involved as consultant, organiser and programme manager.  We’re really looking forward to the grand finale and works of video magic at  medio.rhein.erft on 14 May 2019, moderated by André Gatzke (ARD, WDR, KIKA).