2nd REload Status Conference "Future of the Rhein-Erft District 2030"

A big shindig & a sight to behold on 13 November 2018 with more than 160 visitors at the 2nd REload Status Conference, “Future of the Rhein-Erft District 2030”, in the medio.rhein.erft at Bergheim. Once again, welcome GmbH had the honour of supporting the project conceptually and organizationally in close collaboration with the Rhein-Erft business development organization. On the day itself, the Frechen-based agency was responsible for the event management.

What will the Rhein-Erft district look like in the year 2030? Michael Kreuzberg, district administrator, member of the commission for growth, structural change and employment, and Thomas Kuhls, managing director of the Rhein-Erft business development organization, present answers to this question in the interview with WDR presenter Henning Quanz, and give a forecast as to how the “REload” can be achieved in the course of structural change. Together with various participants, companies and organizations in the Rhein-Erft district, specific projects have already been initiated. In the past year, four companies from the district have committed themselves particularly to the district’s future and have now been awarded the REload Award 2018.

“What will you do for a living tomorrow?”, future affairs manager Dr. Pero Mićić asked in his lecture. He encouraged his audience to develop visions of their future. After a lively coffee break along with exhibition visits and networking, the entertaining and informative discussion was continued. Major topics such as the supply of specialists, digitization, innovation activities and the attractiveness of housing space developed a great appeal. This is what the discussion brought to light: establishing a new status means motion. The future is being shaped and tackled actively. Impressive projects have been launched. And in the district, the RELOADING process has already started and is now picking up speed.