New digital TV studio goes spectacularly live

After four months of intensive structural, technical and graphical preparation, we were able to hold the grand première of our new Studio.On.Line on 25/06/2020 – a memorable start that is still making waves!  

The first broadcast excelled as a captivating infotainment TV format! With the green screen studio’s leading-edge technology managing a cavalcade of video inserts, call-outs and moderated speaker changes including online graphic recording, the entire production was as smooth as silk. 437 viewers were counted for a total of 1,300 page views and a viewership of 35%. The quality and range of the broadcast were overwhelming, and our customer’s response was fantastic. The benchmark has now been set for all future productions of this studio.

The studio’s première was actually a “triple crown”. It was the first production ever to be streamed from the studio. It was the première of the adjacent studio, which was completed just in time, for green room, make-up and pop-ups. And it was the début digital kick-off of the Düren Administrative District’s growth offensive “300,000+”. 

Beginnings don’t get any greater. Particularly now, in the shadow of corona, the digitalisation of live communication is a shining beacon in the darkness.