Evening event “One Night in Cuba”

In March 2018, we once again invited 100 international attendees of the annual Marketing Forum to meet up in Cologne for fun in the sun. Cologne? Sun?

You bet! At this colourful evening event, the guests of the company, which specialises in products for vehicle paints and coatings, experienced one night in Cuba.

The guests enjoyed a Cuban evening with all their senses that was staged in a former crane factory boasting an impressive industrial architecture. With exotic foods that evoked South America, stirring Cuban music performed by a first-class band, a set decoration that included projections of pastel-coloured houses and vintage 1950s cars, tobacco fields and beaches white as sugar and sweet as tropical dreams, and with dancers who conveyed the unique Cuban spirit through music, dance and rhythm. The guests partied late into the night, surrendering themselves to the authentic atmosphere of this sunny, Caribbean island nation.