Offroad in Stöffel-Park

30 business customer representatives from the Cologne/Bonn region experienced a very special offroad challenge at Stöffel Park in Westerland.

From behind a desk to behind the wheel (or handlebars) of a quad, buggy or Land Rover Defender? That sounds exciting, and it certainly proved irresistible to our incentive participants when they ventured out into the Stöffel Tertiary and Industrial Adventure Park on 21 September 2018. After being welcomed by the park rangers, the sales eagles “saddled up” for the offroad team challenge, which demanded not only driving skill and teamwork but also an understanding of wildlife and nature.

Offroad trek, quad-riding, adventure quiz, special driving courses and many more exciting challenges – the broad and varied range of tasks inspired and captivated the participants so much that even the moderately foul weather could not dampen their spirits. In between challenges, the “offroad warriors” could pull into the base camp to fortify themselves with a tasty salsa stew, cakes and beverages before sallying forth with renewed strength and vigour.

The day was capped by a country-style American BBQ, musically supported by folk rocker Danny June Smith. The grand conclusion of the day was the presentation of the awards to the winning teams, and the in-depth discussion of some of the more interesting quiz questions. A wonderful and exciting day for all concerned.