Bauerfeind – successful 2018 kickoff

Once again, the annual Bauerfeind kickoff conference at the all-natural Bio-Seehotel in Zeulenroda was an unqualified success for all parties involved.

Thanks to cooperation with the Bauerfeind organisational team, which over the years has achieved an unparalleled dimension of seamless coordination, this year’s kickoff ran like fine clockwork from start to finish. The entire sales force, along with other Bauerfeind employees, gathered at the Bio-Seehotel in Zeulenroda on 10-12 January 2018 to set new goals, discuss exciting, relevant issues for the coming year, share experiences and honour those who had celebrated anniversaries in the previous year.

This year, the honorees came from both Germany and abroad, and were suitably regaled – and “enchanted” by a charming stage magician – at dinner on the first evening. After numerous sessions throughout the day, the participants  wound up the conference in a convivial second evening. Entertainment and excitement were provided by a snake dancer with a fire show and a magician with an oriental show under the evening’s motto, “1001 nights: it’s magic – it’s mystic”.