Dialogue with tomorrow: the 14th Bauernfeind Industry Forum 2019

Is there a formula for successful innovation? How can ideas for tomorrow be transported into the entrepreneurial “now”? At the 14th Bauernfeind Industry Forum, Dr. Frederik Pferdt, Google’s Chief Innovation Evangelist and adjunct professor at Stanford University, delivered a brave new perspective from Silicon Valley. Medical sociologist Dr. Martina Oldhafer provided action recommendations for changing management. The conference highlighted four charismatic examples of next-gen best practice in medical supply shops. And a health-policy podium discussion on the topic “Shaping the future”, featuring representatives from statutory health insurance, the medical supplies professional association and consultants, generated a lot of momentum and concentrated energy thanks to passionate audience participation.

The interactive conference was optimally staged using live cameras, large-format projection and LED mood lighting. Additionally, digital tools such as the custom-coded event app and sli.do were deployed to network and synergise the proceedings, making the auditorium experience up close and personal – and extremely enthusiastic. The graphic recording system minuted the presented ideas, key statements and results on a five-meter screen for all to follow; this also served as a popular selfie motif. Our Hamburg colleagues from MusicWorks transformed the welcoming reception on the eve of the concert into a veritable witches’ cauldron, using boomwhackers, air drums and choral singing – and 600 guests into an enormous, orchestral rock band.