8th indeland Future Laboratory

A Region for People and a Region for the Future

Indeland is a region in the heart of the Rhenish lignite mining area that consists of three towns, four municipalities and the District of Düren. The inter-municipal regional development programme has been looking towards the FUTURE with its “ich. see. zukunft” project (literally “I. see. future.” – whereby the German noun “See” translates as “lake” in English, but also sounds like the German verb “to see”) ever since its inception 20 years ago. This region has a lot of water, both of its own as well as neighbouring bodies of water. We see three lakes, an attractive spatial structure that is being transformed and still has to be shaped, a new evolving self-image.

This year’s 8th indeland Future Laboratory took place in the form of a live stream, with distinguished guests such as B. Stephan Baldin, the founding father of the "indeland idea", Jens Bröker, the Managing Director of Entwicklungsgesellschaft indeland (indeland Development Company) and Bodo Middeldorf, the new Managing Director of Zukunftsagentur Rheinisches Revier (Rhenish Lignite Mining Area Future Agency). There were also impulses from Prof. Christa Reicher, the Chairwoman of Revierknoten Raum / ZAR and exciting in-person neighbourhood talks with the Indesee spiritual comrades-in-arms, Boris Linden from Strukturentwicklungsgesellschaft Hambach (Hambach Structural Development Company) and Volker Mielchen from Zweckverband LandFolge Garzweiler (Garzweiler Administration Union). The broadcast was hosted by Bernd Büttgens, General Manager Public Relations at Medienhaus Aachen.

This region has a future because it is a region for people.

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