GW-Talk #digital

Snacks galore for Cologne City Facilities Management

Those employees of the City of Cologne Facilities Management (GW) who came to the office instead of WFH on 07/12/2020 were welcomed by the smell of popcorn in the morning. This typical cinema snack awaited each and every employee at the machine which was manned by the subsequent stars.

Thus fortified, employees got behind their computers and joined the vast majority of their 670 GW colleagues in the first live GW-Talk #digital. The two-hour magazine-format show was recorded in our studios one month previously, and continuously enhanced up until the release date with videos, graphics and a welcoming address of Markus Greitemann, First Director and Head of the Building Department.

The location of the studio at a potato farm became the tag line: For all topics, the motto was, “Let’s get the spuds!” And get them they did. The event culminated in the symbolic presentation of a real potato peeler to the actors, who then peeled an actual potato on camera.

GW-Talk #digital will continue in 2021 with four meat-and-potatoes topics presented in kitchen talk formats. Next time, the snack of choice will be potato crisps instead of popcorn.

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