Individual graffiti art works decorate the new offices of freeyou AG

Wow! That’s all any of us at welcome could say when we were finally allowed to view the results of the graffiti workshop with Kai “Semor” Niederhausen for the office team of freeyou AG.

Right from the start, it was clear not only that the graffiti workshop was supposed to be fun and create a treasury of shared experiences, but that the completed works were to be exhibited at prominent locations in the new offices. Thus, the size of the canvasses was calculated to the millimetre. welcome prepared a variety of stencils with the company logo and made them available for the workshop. The participants were highly motivated – and proved to be highly talented as well. A variety of techniques were employed and paints were combined with consummate skill. The works demonstrated a great deal of imagination.

Thank you for allowing us to view the results in your new offices. And thank you for such an enjoyable working relationship.