A successful inauguration that sticks to the memory!

What’s to be done if, within six years, the company advances to become industry leader, serving markets worldwide - while at the same time the company headquarters are bursting at the seams? You build a new, highly impressive building, and invite customers, partners, and staff to join in in inaugurating the new head office and celebrating the company’s success!

That is just what happened at Troisdorf-based Magnosphere Gmbh – Germany’s leading supplier of magnets and magnetic products!

Accompanied by magnificent summer weather in autumn, without any further ado, the huge warehouse was transformed into a cosy street-food market hall: prime beefburger from an original Airstream Trade Wind trailer, pulled pork from an XL smoker, Italian gelato from the ice-cream van, coffee specialities from the mobile café, or tasty cocktails from the rustic-style pallet bar! In a cosy lounge atmosphere with catchy sounds from the RenaisLounge Duo. The concept developed by welcome GmbH worked out perfectly, and was so captivating that the celebration continued until late in the evening!