Want a spontaneous encounter at the virtual smoothie bar?

For ever a year now, welcome GmbH has been making digital live events a reality in its own studios.

Above all, people want to know: How can opportunities for chance encounters, or concurrent encounters, be created in the virtual world?

How can I bring people together in poster sessions or in living networks? How can I make online conference formats interactive? The good news: high-quality solutions exist. Together with our partners, we build highly detailed virtual worlds that meet and exceed clients’ expectations and that are tightly focused on the purpose and objective of the event. With just a few clicks, your participants can send their photos or avatars on a stroll through cities, convention centres or offices, dashing through airports or from beach to beach. They can congregate to share knowledge or participate in intensive workshops.
Complete with random encounters in the smoothie bar – just like in real life.

Would you like to learn more about how this tool works and how we design digital events?

For more information and to contact us, check out: studio-on-line.de.

Example: Virtual poster session location of the international CMMC Symposium, organised by the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne, University of Cologne, with 36 booths for poster presentations, September 2021 in Cologne