Demolition party with Cologne Graffiti

In January, around 35 employees of Gothaer Finanzholding AG in Cologne got to experience first-hand that graffiti is more than just defacement, ugliness and vandalism. With the old offices being demolished and the new ones in planning, the employees were given the opportunity to creatively express themselves on the subject “my new working world” on special wall panels set up in their future co-working area.

In this action, welcome GmbH provided Gothaer’s HR with effective support in the form of its Cologne Graffiti framework programme. Under the direction of internationally renowned graffiti artist Kai “Semor” Niederhausen, the teams created works of art that will one day  grace the new company building. They will remind the participants of their team achievement as well as this fun afternoon, and are sure to draw intrigued glances from colleagues who weren't there to share. As in true urban life, once the pieces on the provided panels were finished, the enthusiastic sprayers moved on to the interior walls of the building site. What a shame that these will be lost to the renovation. A very special demolition party.