Cologne Graffiti goes Frankfurt

A well-known real estate developer made a child’s dream come true for its partners: to tag the walls of a flat with graffiti to their hearts’ content. The tenants of the three flats had already vacated the premises. Artist Kai “Semor” Niederhausen and the participants of the graffiti workshop could not have had a more attractive “playground”. welcome GmbH was proud to support the event host with its extraordinary framework programme.

A few canvasses in various formats were scattered about the walls. The guests could also use these to make souvenirs of this partner event that they could take home afterwards. As the grand finale, a joint work of art was created – and a lot of fun was had – in one room of the flat with a breathtaking view of Frankfurt’s skyline.

Where would an event like this be without cool background music and classy photos? Here as well, we were able to offer the support of our expertise and long-standing partners.

Cologne Graffiti goes… anywhere, any time, whether Frankfurt or Amsterdam: Our premium framework programme is a fabulous event highlight, even in corona times.