Business TV – first digital brokers forum a resounding success

The first digital brokers forum for a Cologne-based financial services provider was an unqualified success. In addition to fascinating contributions on the topic “leasing in the corona era”, the brokers could take advantage of interactive discussion sessions.

Numerous brokers grasped this opportunity to take part in the first digital broker forum of a Cologne-based financial services provider, which was broadcast from Studio.On.Line in Frechen near Cologne.
This is what successful business TV is supposed to look like: exciting presentations, interactive discussion sessions and highly diverse pre-recorded employee interviews.

“Attendees” were able to actively participate in the event live at any time using the Q&A and polling tool In advance of the event, participants were sent lovingly packed gift packages to at least somewhat make up for the cancellation of a joint dinner event in Cologne’s Old City district.

The customer is extremely satisfied – and so are we!

When can we produce business TV for you?

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