Bauerfeind kickoff 2020 – a running start!

For the tenth time, the collaboration between welcome GmbH and the Bauernfeind organisational team was – as always – as smooth as silk. The entire sales force, along with other Bauernfeind employees, gathered at the Bio-Seehotel in Zeulenroda on 8-10 January 2020 to set new goals, discuss exciting, relevant issues for the coming year, share experiences and honour those who had celebrated anniversaries in the previous year.

At this year’s awards ceremony, honorees could revel in accolades from celebrities like Angela Merkel, Rudi Carell and Horst Schlämmer, masterfully and charmingly impersonated by entertainer Jörg Hammerschmid – who maxed the amusement factor for the evening.

For the sales eagles, the second evening was all about the motto “Wir starten durch” (“a running start”). The evening commenced with a custom-designed laser light show with bombastic music and an animation prepared using team photos, to generate maximum motivation for the team to make 2020 an unqualified success.

Once again, we’re grateful to Bauernfeind for placing their trust in us, and are looking forward to 2020!