Bauerfeind kickoff 2019 – Mamma Mia, what a year this will be!

This year, Bauerfeind’s sales team, which last year had to contend with restructuring actions, as well as other Bauerfeind employees, got to enjoy a very special kick-off: a video team-building exercise under the motto “Mamma Mia – Here we go again” was on the agenda.

From 9-11 January, the entire sales force and other employees gathered at the Bio-Seehotel in Zeulenroda for their annual conference to kick off 2019. As in past years, new goals were set, exciting and relevant topics for the coming year were discussed, experiences were shared and the past year’s anniversaries honoured.

But for everyone present, this year’s highlight was the video team-building exercise “Mamma Mia – Here we go again” – prepared especially for the Bauerfeind sales force – followed by the premiere gala. The aim of the exercise was to weld the sales teams, which had been reconstituted in the course of the restructuring actions, into cohesive units by means of a deliberately different experience.

The team members enthusiastically tried on the costumes organised in advance and jointly developed a script in their teams. The actual filming began on the second day. Every team was supported by a professional coach, who later also edited the video. While the sales force met in the afternoon, the editors overclocked their computers to the max in order to finish the potentially viral videos by evening.

At the grand premiere gala, featuring film posters made especially for the occasion and a purpose-built room-in-room cinema complete with traditional German ice cream snacks, the teams could thrill to each others’ highly entertaining creative masterpieces. The evening’s grand finale was the presentation of the Oscars in numerous different categories. The team-building exercise was a complete success, and the enthusiasm was unbounded. The Bauerfeind sales team came out of the event declaring proudly: “Mamma mia – Here we go again!”