A colourful day all around

Truly, it is not easy to offer the colleagues an exciting team event every year. But it is most definitely possible! Thus, welcome GmbH was given the opportunity to plan and execute a one-day incentive programme in Düsseldorf at the start of June on behalf of the central business-partner management unit of a Düsseldorf-based bank.

With its lavish garden and stunning spaces, the venue LADÜ offered a surprising location for the first part of the day. A small welcome breakfast with aromatic coffee prepared the guests for the lively and interesting talk given by Professor Axel Buether on the topic “the power of colour”. The morning was all about the significance of colour in marketing, but also with respect to one’s own personality. LADÜ’s wine bar offered an ideal space for the experimental part of this talk.

Thanks to the warm temperatures, the guests could enjoy their light and tasty lunch in the garden.

A short walk took the 20 participants to the venue’s antiques store room, where the next surprise awaited them. Here, they had the opportunity to put their team spirit and the motto “colour” into practice “first-hand” in a team graffiti spraying event. The team graffiti spraying event with Kai “Semor” Niederhausen empowered the participants to express both aspects on canvas. These magnificent works of art will soon decorate one or another office in the bank’s headquarters.

The rickshaw ride along the Rhine that conveyed the guests to the evening location, Restaurant Spoerl Fabrik, proved to be a relaxing experience.