Another great show at the 2nd ScienceTube Rhein Erft

At this year’s ScienceTube finale at medio.rhein.erft on 14 May, ten schools of all school types presented their films to a jury of five experts and a pupils jury of the LNU Gymnasium Frechen. The pupils’ task: to make a film about a STEM profession in a company that is relevant in the Rhein-Erft administrative district.

Minister Yvonne Gebauer this programme’s patron, was on hand in person to recognise the winning format and express her thanks to the enthusiastic teams and the teachers supporting them for their enormous commitment. Bergheim Mayor Volker Mießeler also had high praise for the teams’ cinematic task force approach. Children’s television personality André Gatze moderated the programme, inspiring all with his élan, humour and own experiments. The Cologne-based improv troupe Clamotta contributed hip accents to the subject of STEM.

At Popcorn & Co, this format, initiated by wfg and implemented in cooperation with the Agency for Labour in Brühl, lived up to its full potential and was a resounding success. Thumbs up and roll ’em!

Photos: © WFG Rhein-Erft / Ralph Müller