REload: The Full Charge

Full house at the communal centre in Bergheim on 13 November 2017 for the REload Status Conference. A total of 170 representatives from companies, institutions, institutes and politics, above all from the 10 municipalities of the Rhein-Erft District, answered the call of the district’s business development agency (Wirtschaftsförderung Rhein-Erft GmbH – WFG).

One year after the presentation of the Cologne Institute of Economic Research’s (Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft) REload Study on the future sustainability of the district and the resulting recommendations for action, it was time to take stock of the activities and actions that had since been set in motion. Indeed, the balance sheet was more than respectable: a moving exhibition with theme rooms and stairway messages, a review show of the major areas of activity, new impulses and the presentation of a REload award to the TOP 10 REloaders all impressed and inspired the participants. One thing became very clear in light of all the esprit, energy and many new lighthouse projects: The REload status has long since evolved into a Reload movement. Future 2030 can come.

welcome was commissioned with consulting, conceptualization and implementation tasks surrounding the REload Status Conference, working in close cooperation with the district’s business development agency (WFG), and directed the show on the day.

Welcome to REload 2030. Welcome to the future of the Rhein-Erft District.