125 years of Klingspor: a fantastic birthday party as the climax of a Balloni & welcome production ©

A spectacular event with a star-studded programme in a spatial experience never before attempted thrilled and enchanted the more than 800 guests who came from all over the world to share in the 125th Jubilee Celebration of Klingspor AG at the Siegerlandhalle venue in Siegen, Germany. This event of superlatives thrilled both guests and organisers alike and left a lasting, joyful impression.

On 27 October 2018, the stage was finally set: Klingspor, an abrasives manufacturer based in Haiger, Germany, officially celebrated its 125 anniversary. And how! At the Siegerlandhalle, the over 800 invited guests from Germany and the international subsidiaries experienced a very special evening that lasted well into the early hours. All guests went home carrying feelings of deep satisfaction and lasting impressions.

This once-in-a-lifetime event was the crowning conclusion to the preceding anniversary actions leading up to it that welcome was privileged to develop and oversee in collaboration with Balloni (www.balloni-event.de).Utmost astonishment. Smartphones held high. Flashing lights. The WOW effect took hold at the latest after the opening and procession into the hall, enthusiastically accompanied by the marching band HANSA Giessen. A marvellously decorated (or better, completely made-over) and stylishly furnished multi-purpose public building that looked like anything but. Plus a stunning stage design. And right in the middle, an impressive 2m diameter globe, height-adjustable and featuring projected animations, supported by a chromatically changing, moving LED-ball ballet consisting of over 40 luminaires. The Grand Jubilee Celebration could commence.

In the next four and a half hours, Klingspor’s employees were treated to a highly varied, fascinating and outright spectacular programme, punctuated by an absolutely scrumptious, first-class three-course dinner menu. Whether spell-binding performers, a fascinating light show, emotional moments evoked by a story-telling sand painter, flawless illusions and prodigious feats of prestidigitation performed by a world-famous magician or the irresistibly seductive beats of an up-and-coming brass pop band  – this blockbuster event offered something for everyone. And that was nowhere near all. Out in the foyer, guests kept on partying and dancing with boogie abandon to a popular party band and live club acts until dawn. An incredibly exciting event came to its deservedly magnificent conclusion as the celebrations of the Grand Jubilee year finally wound up. Just one part of large-scale communication campaign extending almost an entire year.