Interactive meeting formats

When new knowledge and new ideas for relevant future issues emerge, that’s when a conference truly rocks. This happens more readily when people interact. It’s quite simple when you think about it: in plenary sessions, there is usually a lot more specialist knowledge present than a single speaker up on stage can channel alone. So why not circumvent this bottleneck and mobilise that swarm intelligence interactively – to expand perspectives by dissolving the frontal format – to dare to engage in unconferencing?

Sharing and cooperation using innovative conferencing methods unleash new energies and personal and professional initiatives. Smooth. Smart. Interactive. Conference 4.0. How about a BarCamp, a world cafe or a brown-bag session? Perhaps present in PechaKucha format, experience exhibitions as a barcode challenge or comprehend conference contents in a different face using graphic recording?
Take control now!

welcome - when your conference must be special.