Cologne - Duesseldorf - Bonn. 2000 years old, but as fresh as a daisy. This is the region we know inside out. We know all locations like the back of our hand, with contacts and relations that open doors closed for others.
With us, you get right to the heart of the region, but – if you wish - also around. The region by the Rhine and the river itself form the stage, setting and scenery for attractive visitor programmes or for original theme events with a touch of local wit.
Discover the real ”Eau de Cologne“ on board of a Viking ship or a Canadian canoe. Take part in a “Kölsch Crash Course” in a brewery or a “Truffle Tasting” in the chocolate museum. Experience “Ascot à la Cologne” at a greyhound racing course, qualify for ”Farmolympics” on the outskirts of Cologne, visit “Western City” with Cologne Indians or enjoy ”Baroque Strolling” on the grounds of a real castle.

welcome - makes the region move for you.