Incentives are adventure trips to dream destinations, trips unbookable and out-of-this-world. We transform these trips into unforgettable events: with a proper motto and a creative story underlying them, and, of course, a thread running through an exciting and exceptional programme. Welcome on board to unknown adventures, fabulous settings and group-dynamic activities.

Incentives have a strong stimulus. They trigger imagination and have unique sentimental value. And they give you something to talk about. From incentives, both participants and company can benefit, because they stimulate motivation, improve performances, turn competitiveness into a game and have a beneficial effect on team spirit, corporate loyalty and corporate image.
In perfect co-operation with your company, we set the targets, develop the story and the motto, open the kick-off event and accompany the whole competition. We turn life to heaven on earth for the winners and build bridges to the company.

welcome - to thrilling incentive trips.