Events are a ceremony for the senses. They stimulate the senses - because they are emotionally captivating moments in a world of possibilities. And both laughter and amazement set these emotions free. Choreography and dramatization are tailored to occasion, product and company philosophy. This is how we create unique events that translate and intensify the message of your company.

Event means pure live communication. We organise events as a world of adventure, in harmony with people, space and technology. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is tested, planned and calculated: The dance of light. The sound of a glass harpist. The magic of an ice-carving sculpture.

Events featuring body painters and costume fantasies get under your skin and catch your eye. Or they simply play with the elements: dancing waters & water screens, burning logos & running flames, air acrobatics & butterflies in your stomach.
welcome to your events that remain with you - long after the day itself.