A strong team!

This is what our team means to us: developing things with one another, working with enthusiasm & zeal, giving one another mutual support, constantly pursuing our further education without any standstill, and always having an open ear for our colleagues, our customers and our business partners.

We love our job and celebrate joint successes with our customers.

Our team is made up of a strong, experienced group of long-standing, permanently-employed colleagues and specialized freelancers. Our professional know-how in the field of live marketing provides the groundwork for our successful activities designed to give you our capable attention and advisory services.

Here, you can get acquainted with the members of our team:


The agency’s core structure consists of 10 event-marketing experts. A network of highly specialised partners and freelancers – perfectly attuned to your individual project - complete the core-team and add enormously to the agency’s success. Perfect solutions to your problems, reliability, teamwork, continuity and flexibility together with high creativity and a perfect knowledge of the subject matter are the main characteristics of our team!

Frauke Landsberg

Managing Director

Thinker and leader, woman of many contacts, and animal-loving mistress of our office dog Circo

Dr. Achim Stegmann

Managing Director

Creative brain and elegant writer, man for networked and lateral thinking, and soccer dad of two with a Rhenish heart and soul

Dirk Ortmann

Partner / Senior Project Manager

Universal “weapon” and linguist, man for special customer wishes, and traveller no continent is safe from

Benjamin Kutsche

Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Live and online communication specialist, man for creative Input and digital content and sports-loving football expert

Claudia Nasse

Project Manager

Project designer and reliability incarnate, woman for exciting customer presentations, and on the way to becoming a carnival ‘fool’

Christiane Förster

Project Manager Premium Products

Hotel expert with an eye for improvement processes, woman for premium offers and welcome’s ‘survivalist’

Doris Stegmann

Bureau Manager

Trained financial expert who is quick to grasp issues, woman for order at the office, and now on full-time husband care duty

Antonia Müller


Intern without internship status with enthusiastic perception, creative nature and travel lover

Barbara Hörter-Todt

Graphic Design (Freelancer)

No content is safe in front of her designing skills, the woman for the creative layouts, animal lover from the Westerwald

Christoph Beuel

Media and Event Technology

Not only because of its huge figure he always has an overview, a genius in technical matters, the "Strongman" ensures safety

Nevaf Ay

Nevaf Ay

Web Development (Freelancer)

The specialist in IT and web-based solutions, the man for the (binary) codes of the customers, a computer ass with "kick" and heart

Markus Ritterbach

advisory board and strategy consulting

Passionated (Cologne Carnival) and capable of suffering (1. FC Köln), a doer with foresight, has more networks than Google's servers

Edith Rutkowski


Founding member of the welcome team and “ex-minister of finance”, woman with a sympathetic ear for the staff, and the truly Rhenish good soul of the agency