"Years of collaboration connect us with the welcome! agency. In all cases, we have been repeatedly delighted by the splendid support provided during the planning and execution of our company events. The welcome! team carries conviction with its fabulous and innovative ideas, is committed to getting things done and, above all, is totally devoted to the cause. We have always been able to rely on the team’s particular diligence and absolute adherence to the budget. And that also proved to be the case last year when we celebrated the 40th anniversary of our company. This became an unforgettable event - not only for THE ONE day. But, thanks to welcome!’s well thought-out concept, our staff were able to actively contribute to shaping the festive event in various creative workshops in the actual run-up to it. This provided for creative team-building and made a major contribution towards helping the actual celebration to become a lasting(!) experience. The echo among both staff and guests was mind-blowing. We are now already looking forward to the next joint project!"

Dirk Ferwer
Head of marketing and PR departments, abcfinance GmbH, Cologne